5 Reasons to Call an Experienced Locksmith to Install a Night Latch Lock

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If you think fitting a Yale night latch is an easy DIY job think again. In this post, we explain the reasons why it is wise to call deadlocking night latch installation specialists if you are wondering how to install a night latch lock yourself. As London security locks specialists we have seen what can happen when a customer doesn’t know how to fit a Yale night latch and makes an amateur attempt. Yale night latch installation is 100% a job for a professional as it is so important that it is done well.

Key Problems with DIY Night Latch Fitting

It takes an experienced specialist to know how to install a night latch door lock to meet security and insurance standards. Installation mistakes can result in a number of issues including;

  • A property being vulnerable to burglary
  • Insurance standards not being met
  • Costly damage to the door and door frame

It is not uncommon for us to attend the scene of a lock fitting gone wrong and it can get extremely messy, complicated and expensive. In short it is just not worth it!

night latch lock installation
Professional Night Latch Lock Installation

How to Install Night Latch Locks

There are a number of key considerations when thinking about how to install a night latch.

5 Important Things You Need to Know When Installing a Night Latch Door Lock

  1. Good carpentry skills are a must. You will need to create a defined space for specific measurements in the door and the door frame to accommodate the new lock.
  2. You will need to be fully versed in British Standard requirements for a night latch to comply with security and insurance standards.
  3. Knowledge and experience to know which type of lock is appropriate for a particular type of door is a must, for example, fire doors.
  4. You will also need to have knowledge and experience of which particular brands and products work best in different scenarios.
  5. Having the right tools to complete the job to a professional standard is very important. The tools required for night latch fitting are not always standard tools and could require some investment which would not be cost effective for a one off job.

In addition to these 5 night latch fitting must haves, you will need to have the required time and confidence as well as trouble shooting skills and patience should things not go as planned in unforeseen circumstances.

yale nightlach
Auto Deadlocking Night Latch Installation

How Long Does it Take to Fit a Night Latch Lock?

As experienced locksmiths skilled in installing locks it can take us between 20 mins and 45 mins to fit a night latch depending on the type of lock. Auto deadlocking night latch locks and British Standard night latches can take longer to fit than standard night latch locks.

We would not like to guess or imagine how long it could take an amateur to fit a night latch. It is unlikely to take the time it takes an experienced locksmith who is fitting locks on a daily basis and it is unlikely that the results will be to a professional standard without proper training.

yale nightlatch fitted by a professional locksmith
Yale Night Latch Fitting

Night Latch Installation Requires an Experienced Locksmith

In short, if you don’t know how to fit a night latch call a professional experienced locksmith to do the job properly.

Choose a Reliable Locksmith With Good Credentials

Unfortunately, there are locksmiths operating without appropriate levels of knowledge and experience. It is always really important to choose a reliable locksmith with good credentials. This is even more important if you want a night latch fitted because of what is a stake.

Fitting a Night Latch Lock is Not a Job For a Builder

Night latch fitting is a skilled job and not as straightforward as something like a cylinder change which can be done by a builder. We would advise using a security specialist for any lock fitting to prevent problems further down the line. You can read more here about the problem with using a builder for lock installation.

Finding a Locksmith Approved by The Master Locksmiths Association

Choosing a locksmith approved by the Master Locksmith Association provides guarantees that a locksmith is experienced and reliable. You can read about the importance of choosing an MLA approved locksmith here. You can search for your local MLA approved locksmith by postcode on the MLA website.

master locksmith association regulated locksmith

Buying Your Own Night Latch Locks to Save Money

You may also want to read our post about the implications of buying your own locks and how it can affect your guarantee. As professional locksmiths, we provided a comprehensive guarantee for both locks and fitting. Always consider who your guarantee for locks and fitting will be with if something goes wrong with your lock. Buying your own locks can end up costing you more money in the long run.

We fit only our own high quality locks and provide a full guarantee and excellent after sales care to our customers. This provides customers with reassurance that if problems do occur they will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Online Tutorials on How to Fit a Yale Night Latch Lock

If you are thinking of teaching yourself how to do a DIY Yale night latch installation online think twice before you take the plunge. You could live to regret it.

If you really want to learn how to install a night latch you can do a course with the Master Locksmiths Association. It will also take time, practice and experience to perfect your technique. If it is something you are interested in you can read here about becoming a locksmith and what is involved in the job.

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MLA Approved Locksmith for Night Latch Installation in London

We are experienced in fitting Yale night latches, Era night latch locks and other high quality brands. If you need a qualified locksmith to install a night latch lock in London or Hertfordshire contact us for professional advice and a quote.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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