Should I Use a Security Specialist or a Builder to Fit Locks?

Can a builder install locks? Yes! Should a builder install locks? That is debatable!

For building use a builder and for door lock installation use a specialist locksmith. Personally I always try to use a specialist to do particular jobs. For tiling a specialist in tiling is much more likely to give a high quality finish. There can be pressure to use a builder for all aspects of a project from kitchen installation to plumbing. It isn’t always in the clients best interest.

There are certain jobs for which it isn’t advisable to choose a Jack of all trades, Master of none. Installing locks is one of those jobs which absolutely requires a specialist.

The Risks of Using a Builder to Install Locks

  • Cheap locks
  • Unsuitable or inadequate locks
  • Corners cut during installation
  • Invalid home insurance policy
  • Potentially the person installing your locks could have a criminal recordbuilder installing locks

Why Lock Installation Requires a Specialist Locksmith

Only a certified specialist in installing locks will have the knowledge and experience to;

Fit the right locks – For the circumstances  – In the right way – To a high standard

Master Locksmiths Association

An experienced MLA approved locksmith will be;

  • Aware of the latest developments in the industry
  • Up to date with changes in legislation and insurance requirements
  • Familiar with the best products on the market
  • Experienced in fitting a range of different locks
  • Knowing the right positions and methods for installation
  • Experienced to produce an professional finish

In this post we discuss who can install a lock and the knowledge and experience required to do so. It is not always straightforward.

What if My Locks Are Not Insurance Approved?

If the person who is installing your locks is not up to speed with the latest locks and legislation you could find that your insurance company will not pay out. Make sure that you check the small print to ensure that your locks are the right locks and fitted the right way.

Something like your lock being too close to your letter box could be a game changer!

This post answers the question, “What are insurance approved locks?

Would You Be Happy For Your Locks to Be Installed By Someone Who Hasn’t Been CRB/DBS Checked?

CRB logo

Would you want someone with a criminal record dealing with your home security?

There is no legal requirement for any individual who installs locks to be CRB checked. Choosing a builder to install locks could put your security at risk! The same applies if you choose one of the many rogue locksmiths in the UK.

How can you know who should install locks properly? The only way to be sure that your lock installation is being done by someone who is CRB checked and experienced is to choose an MLA Approved Locksmith.

Do Builders Usually Install Locks?

I see locks installed incorrectly by builders a lot. It is something that many people aren’t aware is an issue. Here I discuss other easily avoidable home security mistakes. If you are unsure if your builder will do a good job with installing locks or install the best locks I would advise doing some research. It could save you money long term.

IKS Locksmiths are London based lock fitting and repairs specialists. We are experienced in all security for doors and windows. If you are embarking on a building project and would like to know how much it would cost to have your locks fitted by an experienced security specialist we would be pleased to have the opportunity to provide you with a quote. Call us on;

0203 284 1045

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Master Locksmiths Association

Master Locksmiths Association



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