BBC Watchdog Rogue Traders Feature North London Locksmith 8th May 2019

Matt Allwright BBC Rogue Traders

I run a North London based MLA Approved master locksmiths company. Because I’m a local locksmith in North London I was very interested to hear of the BBC Watchdog programme on North London based AM Locksmiths. I missed it on Wednesday because I was at the monthly Master Locksmiths Association meeting. I watched it on BBC iPlayer and I am pleased to see Rogue Traders highlighting dishonest locksmiths as an issue.

Many of My Jobs are Repairing Poor Locksmith Work!

badly installed lock
Poor installation

As a local 24 hour emergency locksmith in Barnet I have a perspective that is not apparent to the general public. It is so important to raise awareness of how just dishonest the locksmith industry can be. Rouge traders has demonstrated this in the programme. The problem is rife in London. This is something I have shared in my blog in a number of my Diary of a Locksmith posts.

My Perspective on the Problem as a London Locksmith

Lock drilled unnecessarily
Lock drilled unnecessarily

As a London locksmith I see proof daily that Hendon based national locksmith AM Locksmith are not the only locksmiths operating using dishonest means. It is very common! The problem is significant UK wide. I am based in Barnet and in Barnet alone I am aware of the names of many dishonest locksmiths who are operating on a large-scale UK wide and getting away with it. I know this because I repair their work and console their customers on a regular basis.

How Many Rogue Traders Locksmiths Are Operating in the UK?

I wonder if there is anyone who can answer this question? The problem is that the industry is unregulated and there is no need register to operate as a locksmith so there is no way of knowing how many locksmiths are operating.

What to Do If You Have Been Charged Too Much by a Locksmith

cut locksmith costs

You can read here about how much a locksmith should cost. If you have been ripped off by a locksmith try calling the trading standards helpline. It is important that customers who have issues report a company to trading standards so that the extent of the issue can be recognised. Many people I come across are left feeling humiliated and are reluctant to report to trading standards. In addition report the issue to BBC Rogue Traders!

How To Stop the Rogue Locksmith Trend?

The MLA are the UK's leading locksmiths association

Locksmith Legislation

The only way this will change is if the Locksmith industry was to become regulated. It makes sense to regulate an industry where security is at stake.

Public Awareness

Publicity of the problem from programmes like Watchdog Rogue Traders is also key in raising awareness of the importance of taking extreme care when choosing a locksmith. There have been a few Watchdog locksmith features over the years. With no legislation it needs as much exposure as possible.

I would like to thank Rogue Traders for raising awareness of the problems in the Locksmith industry and the importance of choosing an approved, qualified locksmith. I hope to see more programmes on the subject in the future!

How To Choose a Trustworthy Locksmith?

Matt Allwright visits the MLA headquarters
Matt Allwright visits the MLA headquarters

The Master Locksmiths Association are the go to website for locksmiths in the UK. If anyone asks me if I know a locksmith in their area I direct them to the MLA. They are the main governing body for locksmiths recommended by the police. Gary Eckersall, the MLA locksmith expert on the programme taught me as part of the extensive training required to qualify as an MLA locksmith. It is important to choose an approved local locksmith. For advice on this read our guide on how to choose a locksmith

If you are based in North London I am your local MLA approved locksmith. Save my number;

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