Christmas in the 1980s vs Christmas 2020

Over the years from my experiences growing up and my experience as an MLA locksmith I have changed my habits to prevent Christmas Burglary and Christmas 2020 has brought great change!

In my last post How to Prevent Burglary Christmas 2020 I mentioned the need to make security a priority in the winter months and especially around Christmas. Christmas is peak time for burglaries. November and December are my busiest months. The fact that people have a tendency to buy high price items at this time of year combined with the dark nights make it a lucrative time of year for burglars.

1980’s When Burglars Stole the Magic of Christmas

When I was younger my whole family was out for the day and we returned late that evening to find that we had been broken into. They had taken all the little gifts that we had bought from the school fair and made each other from under the Christmas tree. As a child I was upset and thought that was the extent of it but whilst visiting our neighbour I over heard my Dad declaring “…and they stole all the Santa presents.” I was 7 at the time and as it sunk in the realisation came as a big blow! Burglary can be devastating in so many ways. It is so important to avoid becoming a victim of burglary. You can do this by having the best physical security measures in place.

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020 – Security Changes

This Christmas will be quite different to past years for adults and children alike. With restrictions in place it is hard to know what it will bring. Security and burglary prevention are as important as ever if not more so. There are people who are capitalising on the covid situation in a range of non ethical ways. Rogue locksmith businesses are flourishing with the use of online search engines.

There are a number of security risks to be aware of.

christmas home security

Security Risks To Be Aware Of This Year

Significant security risks to be aware of at present are;

  1. Burglary – methods of access and planning are always changing and security measures need to be up to date.
  2. Choosing a Rogue Locksmith – this is a real problem at the moment and so many people are unaware of the risks.

If you are leaving windows open to allow air to circulate and stay safe ensure that the windows are still secured from intruders! Check you have the best up to date security in place by arranging a free property security survey.

Make sure that you choose a reliable locksmith and not a crook to deal with your security. Read about the 3 Do’s and Don’ts When Choosing a Locksmith.

choosing a locksmith

Updated Security Measures

Security measures have had to improve over the last 40 years to keep up with burglary trends.

For example UPVC door locks have been updated to prevent lock snapping. Lock snapping is a more recent burglary method used to attack UPVC doors. You can read about lock snapping here.

snapped lock barnet

We attend regular MLA meetings to keep up to date with the latest security products, burglary trends and legislation. This allows us to offer our customers the best locks, security grilles and safes on the market.

Calling an Emergency Locksmith at Christmas

Don’t make the mistake of opting for the cheapest emergency locksmith you see on Google. You can read here about what a locksmith should ask you if you are locked out and rogue locksmith tricks to watch out for.

Here we explain what can happen it you choose the cheapest locksmith.

We are MLA approved 24 hour locksmiths providing a competitive emergency locksmith service.

Emergency Locksmith

What Should a Locksmith Cost 2020?

If you are unsure what you should expect to pay a reliable locksmith check out our guide to realistic locksmith prices.

If you would like to prevent the likelihood of a burglary this Christmas, or in general I would be happy to advise. Call us to arrange a free security survey.

Wishing you all a Happy and Secure Christmas.

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