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Snapped Lock - Euro Cylinder

Lock snapping / Lock bumping / Euro snapping / Cylinder snapping

There are many terms for this burglary method responsible for 25% of burglaries. It requires no skill and is probably the quickest and easiest and therefore most common way for a burglar to gain access to a property.

Awareness of this problem that could be avoided and why it is happening is not what it should be!

What is Lock Snapping?

Lock snapping is when an intruder uses force, on many occasions a pair of mole grips or a hammer and a screwdriver, to snap the front half of the lock off the door to reveal the internal lock mechanism. Once this is done the lock is very easily opened with something like a knife.

So it’s a way to open a lock which requires very little time or skill. It is a destructive method.

Lock snapping is a relatively new burglary method which has become increasingly popular with intruders across the UK over the last decade.

It coincides with the growing popularity of Composite and UPVC doors and the subsequent realisation by intruders that they offered them a window of opportunity!

The importance of having a high security euro cylinder lock is something that a professional locksmith will be well aware of. Unfortunately this warning hasn’t made it to many of the general public.

This BBC article suggests that cylinder lock snapping originated in Bradford only in the last decade and has steadily increased in popularity with intruders because it is quick and easy and the opportunities are plentiful.

Too many home owners are unaware of the risks. This is the message I would like to spread;

If you, or anyone you know, have UPVC doors and haven’t had your locks assessed by a professional locksmith is the last few years – arrange a free security survey with a professional Master Locksmith to check you aren’t one of the many at risk! “

Locks Snapping – The Problem Locks

Euro cylinder locks are the lock type at risk of cylinder lock snapping. Euro cylinders are usually used on doors which are UPVC or double glazed. These basic Euro cylinder locks are just not up to the job when it comes to protecting your property. However I see many of them on a daily basis due to the relative newness and a subsequent lack of knowledge on this important issue.

IKS Locksmiths are a North London based locksmith covering the Finchley area. Recently we have noticed a rise in incidences of lock snapping in the Finchley area. We do a lot of work in Finchley and a large percentage of the burglaries we attend there are as a result of lock snapping because of the wrong type of locks are on the door!

We are increasingly seeing lock snapping as an issue across all North London areas and in particular those areas in which PVC doors are popular.

Anti-snap Locks – The Key to Preventing Euro Cylinder Snapping

Anti-snap euro cylinders may cost about £20 more than the basic and it’s well worth the investment to secure your home and your belongings and prevent euro lock snapping.

Unlike a basic euro cylinder lock these are made to prevent the ability to remove the front of the lock.

Installing High Security Euro Cylinder Locks

If you want to avoid being a victim of euro cylinder lock snapping it is important not only to invest in the correct lock but that you also have it installed by an experienced locksmith. An approved Master Locksmith will be up to date with the latest industry developments and installation methods. Whilst fitting them isn’t hard, having them fitted correctly so you are not a victim of a break-in from this method of intrusion is another thing. I have been called to many jobs attempted by unqualified locksmiths that end up costing the owner more in the long run.

This article by the Master Locksmith Association shows images of;

  • An incorrectly fitted euro cylinder
  • A correctly fitted euro cylinder
  • How a correctly fitted anti snap euro cylinder can prevent access
  • Recommended locks

It is important that the job is done precisely, not only to protect your property but also to ensure that your insurance policy is valid. This article on the importance of insurance approved locks will give you more information.

How to prevent Cylinder Snapping and Keep your Home Secure in a Nutshell

  • Do you have a PVC door?
  • Arrange a security survey with your local MLA approved locksmith http://www.locksmiths.co.uk/
  • Invest in a Anti-snap euro cylinder lock
  • Invest in a experienced locksmith to fit the lock correctly

For further information on how to protect your home from intruders read our Ultimate Burglary Prevention Guide.

The Christmas period is a time when intruders are most active so please do make the security of your property a priority today.

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