5 Situations You Need a Lock Change

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We are experienced MLA approved locksmiths providing professional door lock fitting services in London and Hertfordshire. There are a number of scenarios when you should really fit new locks for your house. Some are obvious and some people are less aware of others. I will start from the least obvious to the most obvious situation you will need to change your locks.

The 5 scenarios are;

  1. Post Building Work
  2. New House
  3. Lost Keys
  4. Stolen Keys
  5. Break In

Any situations where others have had access to your keys require a lock change. Not everyone thinks to change their locks after having building work but it is necessary.

building work
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We are emergency locksmiths in London and Hertforshire and these are scenarios where it is important to change locks.

1) Post Building Work

If you have been having any sort of work done in your property which has required giving a key to a trades person or even a cleaner it is highly advisable to have your locks changed once the project has come to an end. Especially if you have a regular key that can be easily cut anywhere. If you have high security keys this is much more secure as your keys can’t be cut easily without the use of a special code. This is a strong case for choosing high security keys here.

moving to a new house
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2) Changing the Door Locks of a New House

When you move into a new house it is really important to arrange to have your locks changed on the day that you move in. The first thing I do when I move house is change the lock on my front door. Note that it is as important to change all the locks in the house as it is to change the main door lock. The reason for this is that a whole host of people could have copies of your keys from multiple agents to trades people and of course the previous owners or tenants. New locks for your home should be top priority. You may also want to think about installing high security door locks as an upgrade to basic locks.

Replacing locks on a new house or flat should be done by someone who knows how to change a lock. Read here to find out if you should change the locks yourself.

If you have moved into a new build house replacing locks on a new house may seem unnecessary, on the contrary there will be even more people with access to your keys than with a property you have purchased of a previous owner. Think about all the jobs involved in building and selling a property.

I am pleased to see that most people on this Money Saving Expert Thread  are saying they would change their locks when they move house!

lost key
Image Courtesy of Trevor King

3) Lost Keys

If you lose your keys it is advisable to change your locks as a precaution in case the keys fall into the wrong hands or they have in fact been stolen without you realising it.

pickpokets targeting areas

Image courtesy of Michael Kooiman 

4) Stolen Keys

There are all sorts of scenarios that can happen from keys being stolen and people followed home to handbags being stolen with keys and home address to direct the burglar to your home. Most people know to act fast in this situation. However there can be situations where keys are stolen and they are believed to be lost or mislaid. If you don’t know where your keys are take action quickly as there are people that make a lucrative career out of pick pocketing and grand theft. It isn’t uncommon for thieves to work in groups, keeping in contact and feeding each other information.

Changing locks on an apartment door can be more complicated if there is a lost or stolen communal door key which allows access to a block of flats or apartments. If this does happen the lock must be replaced and all key holders must be provided with a new key. Read here about communal door security.

break in crime scene

5) Break In

If you are a victim of a break-in act fast. As an experienced break in repairs locksmith we are all to aware that it isn’t uncommon for burglars to return to the scene where they know a property has been left unsecured. Getting locks changed must be done quickly and without delay in this scenario. Whether it is a temporary or permanent fix securing your property as a priority!

If you need to change locks on your house in an emergency take care to choose a trust worthy Locksmith that won’t rip you off! Not all locksmiths operating are qualified and experienced! Check out our guide to choosing a locksmith here.

You can read about Patrick Collison’s burglary experience here in the Guardian. His first thoughts were to turn his home into a fortress and buy an alarm. My thoughts would be that physical security is the first line of defence and it is essential to ensure that you have secured your property to the highest standard with advice from an expert.

In this article by Admiral they stress that it is important to change your locks as it isn’t uncommon for a burglar to return to the property to steal the new goods that you have bought with the insurance money.  

IKS Locksmiths are Master Locksmiths Association Approved Locksmiths based in Barnet and covering North London and Hertfordshire. We provide professional lock changing services in north London and the surrounding areas. Whether you are getting locks changed on a new house or getting your locks changed in the case of a theft, if you need an Emergency Locksmith with a quick response time and No Call Out Charge call us on;

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Read here for money saving security tips. For more security tips and advice like us on Facebook.

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