The Top 4 Most Common Home Security Mistakes

Burglary is more often caused by carelessness than a freak incident. It is usually as a result of these common security mistakes which I see people make time and time again. Are you making any of these security errors?

As an emergency burglary locksmith security is obviously a priority to us. At IKS Locksmiths we specialise in residential security in North London. On a daily basis, I see cases where burglary could have easily been avoided. I also see problems just waiting to happen!

Residential security measures don’t need to be complex or costly. Improving your home security doesn’t need to involve expensive home security products. It’s amazing what can be done to further secure a home with just a few easy tweaks to your daily habits.

Home Security Mistakes Checks

Making small changes to your habits could help you avoid the expense of calling a 24 hour locksmith in an emergency. Why pay emergency locksmith call out rates for something that can be easily avoided?

In this post we share the common security mistakes we see regularly. Are you guilty of any of the most common home security mistakes?

1) Not Deadlocking Doors

Failing to deadlock doors when leaving the house and at night is the top most common security mistake resulting in burglary. Do you deadlock your doors?

So many people I know have a deadlock on their front door and fail to lock it! This not only puts your home at risk but invalidates your home insurance policy. If you’re not actually locking your deadlock your home insurance policy is of no value. Read about the top 5 things that can invalidate your insurance policy.

Security Tip 1

Starting today, deadlock your front door every time you leave the house (even if you are just leaving for 10 minutes) and at night time. It will soon become a natural habit.

5 lever mortice deadlock

2) Not Checking Locks are Insurance Approved

I commonly attend properties that have been broken into because the locks aren’t up to scratch.

Having the wrong locks on a door can;

  • Make your home a target for burglary
  • Make your door more susceptible to break-ins
  • Invalidate your home insurance policy

Read our guide to insurance approved locks.

A wooden door requires a 5 lever mortice deadlock which meets British Standard 3621 as pictured above.

A UPVC door requires an anti snap lock, fitted correctly, to prevent lock snapping, which is a common way for intruders to gain access. For the best UPVC lock choose a British Standard 3 star anti snap cylinder. You can read more about anti snap locks here.

anti snap locks

Top Security Tip 2

Call a professional qualified locksmith to check your door locks. A security survey should be free of charge. As part of the survey the locksmith will check that your locks are;

  • Up to date
  • Insurance approved
  • In good working order

You can read here about how to maintain your locks.

3) Leaving Windows Open

As the weather warms up we see many burglaries as a result of open windows. There are ways to open windows and prevent the likelihood of burglary.

window security

Top Security Tip 3

Get advice from a window security specialist about ways to secure windows to prevent burglary such as locks, window restrictors and security grilles.

We are specialists in window lock and security grilles installation. Read our guide to window security.

4) Not Changing Locks When You Move House

When moving into a new home it is vital to change the locks on the day you move in. Think about how many people could potentially have keys for your new home;

  • Previous owners
  • Estate agents
  • Builders
  • Cleaners

It is not uncommon for break ins to happen just after new owners move in.

moving house

Top Security Tip 4

Arrange for a reliable professional locksmith to carry out a security survey on your new home prior to moving day.

There are a number of security risks associated with moving home. You can read our Top 5 Home Movers Security Tips here.

For more tips on how to avoid being burgled read our post on how to outsmart a burglar.

If you have any security questions or concerns call us.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.


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