Bespoke Security Grilles Design & Installation – Our 7 Step Process

security grilles installation

IKS are a specialist locksmith in Barnet with expertise in a range of security solutions for home and commercial properties. We are specialists in fitting bespoke security grilles in London for windows and doors as well as roller shutters and safes.

The main image shows made to measure Georgian style security grilles for sash windows in dark blue installed in Hampstead, North London.

The bespoke grilles fitting side of the business is exciting because of the impressive results that can be achieved. Our bespoke retractable grilles and security grilles for Georgian windows as well as traditional fixed bars are increasingly popular in North London. Basement window security bars are a must for security and demand for security grilles for doors and windows throughout a property is increasing.

black retractable grilles installed in London
S Lattice Black Collapsible Security Grilles Installed in Edgeware

The Leadtime for Made to Measure Security Grilles Installation

We are often asked how quickly we can turn around bespoke security grilles from design to installation. Your made to measure security grilles project can be completed within 2 – 3 weeks of order confirmation, and sometimes less.

The Security Grilles Design and Installation Process

Step 1: Sharing Information

We aim to give the customer as much information as possible about what is available so that they can make an informed decision. This is a really important part of the process because bespoke security grilles are a significant financial commitment.

At this stage we discuss where in the property grilles are required. We cover the colour options and finishes available and the customers’ preferences as well as the style which is most suitable. There are various style options available within our fixed or retractable security grilles range. You can see examples of our work in our security grilles galleries and details of our range in our security grilles brochure.

Step 2: Taking Accurate Measurements

Taking measurements and making sure they are accurate. Making sure that any existing handles are accommodated and that minimum disruption is caused to any existing handles or furniture. Our surveyors are experienced installers, this is important because it means they know exactly what to consider when designing your made to measure security grilles.

Georgian bar security grilles

Step 3: Order Confirmation

A comprehensive order with all the details and the final price is drawn up for the customers approval. Once the security grilles are ordered changes can’t be made without cost implications, so attention to detail is imperative.

A deposit of 50% is taken as order confirmation. It is at this point that we order the grilles ensuring that all the details agreed with the customer are accurate. This must be done with great care and attention because the grilles can’t be altered once they are made. Any mistakes could result in a need to reorder and significant loss.

Step 4: Arranging Delivery of the Grilles

We arrange a time to fit the grilles. Security grilles are large and bulky and it is important that they are delivered with us just before with the fitting date. We don’t have grilles delivered to a customer’s property as this would be very inconvenient for customers.

We take delivery of the security grilles and check that everything is as per the order and ready to be fitted on time.

Step 5: Security Grilles Installation

Fitting the security grilles can take one day and sometimes more depending on the number of security grilles and the size of the grilles being fitted.

Professional grilles installation is a job that needs considerable strength and experience to get it done correctly. Depending on the job it can require more than one person to fit the grilles. For example fitting grilles to a large external shop window is most certainly a two person job.

We aim to cause as little disruption to the owner as possible which brings me to my next point.

security grilles installation

Step 6: Leave the Property Tidy

Ensure the property is left tidy. This is really important so that the customer can see the grilles in their full glory. In my experience the impact of seeing the grilles for the first time usually gives the wow factor. A moment I really enjoy!

Step 7: Customer Approval

Checking the customer is happy with the grilles. When the customer has confirmed that they are happy with the grilles we take payment for the remainder of the job.

There is a real sense of achievement on completion of the job and the customers’ reaction makes it all worthwhile.

We are always proud of the finished product. We fit high quality grilles which are on a par with the branded Banham Grilles which can cost more than twice the price.

On completion of a grilles job we know that we have provided the customer with excellent value for money, a product that looks fantastic and above all provides them with exceptional levels of security.

Professional Security Grilles Installation in London

IKS Locksmiths are MLA approved North London based security specialists. We are experts in folding security grilles installation in London and the surrounding areas and also specialise in commercial and home fixed security grilles installation. We are proud to offer a service and product which is second to none.

Are you interested in finding out more about installation of metal bars for window security or door security or rolling shutter fitting in London? Perhaps you are looking into ways to keep your shop front secure or your home safe? We are home and commercial property security specialists and would be delighted to hear from you.

You can read about IKS safes installation here. Please do contact us with any comments and questions you have.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.










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