Practical Tips for Implementing Recent Burglary Advice Shared by the Met Police to Barnet Residents

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In this post, we share vital security advice from the Metropolitan Police to Barnet Residents, including the importance of community collaboration in enhancing safety and security.

We will also expand on the official home security police advice with more detailed practical advice tips on how to secure your particular property against intruders.

The Importance of the Metropolitan Police Home Security Advice

With the closing of High Barnet Police Station in 2017 there has been a drop in police presence in the area. Read about The Consequences of Unreported Crime in Barnet and the impact that this has on policing allocation in the Barnet Area.

As Barnet residents, it has become increasingly important for us to prioritise home security and to be proactive in seeking professional security advice to ensure high levels of security. Consider that the most secure home on a street is the least likely to be targeted.

Research shows that a set combination of security actions provides up to 50 times more protection for your home versus no security. A combination of WIDE(N) actions is the most effective and recommended by police throughout the country.

Met Police Security Advice

The term WIDE (N) refers to the addition of the N to the security recommendations so the acronym becomes WIDEN when it was previously WIDE.

Targeted Security Advice for Local Barnet Residents

The police advice on home security for Barnet residents is valuable and we would like to take the opportunity to expand on this information based on our experience and knowledge as your local Barnet Locksmith approved by The Master Locksmiths Association. We have been providing security to homeowners and businesses in the Barnet area for more than 15 years.

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Met Police Advice – Key Security Recommendations

The acronym WIDEN stands for:


With the following recommended security measures from the Met Police.

WINDOWS: Lock your windows 

Met Police Security Advice Point 1 ‘W’

For further professional advice on window security read our post Expert Tips to Secure Your Windows from Burglars. Here you can read more about:

  • The Importance of Securing Windows
  • Alternative Ways to Secure Windows to Deter Burglars
  • Factors Which Determine the Best Options to Secure Your Windows
  • The Best Window Locks for different types of windows
  • Window Security Grilles, Bars and Gates

INTERIOR: Put your interior lights on a timer 

Met Police Security Advice Point 2 ‘I’

This is a helpful tip however, we would always advise that physical security measures are a top priority over deterrents because they will not only deter intruders but also physically prevent access to your property.

You can read more here about How Thieves Break Into Houses to give you an idea of the priorities when planning your home security.

DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors 

Met Police Security Advice Point 3 ‘D’

It is a top priority, for security and insurance reasons to have a deadlock professionally fitted to meet British Standards. When fitting new locks it is not only important to have the correct deadlock for your particular door but also to be sure it has been fitted correctly by an experienced professional to meet insurance standards.

The term deadlock refers to a British Standard 3621 Deadlock. Read our post What Is a British Standard 3621 Deadlock for more information on what to look for in a lock and correct fitting to meet insurance standards. The post explains:

  • What British Standard Lock Means
  • What BS3621 Means
  • Standards for Insurance Approved Door Locks Fitting
  • Features of a British Standard 3621 Lock
  • The Advantages of BS3621 Standard Locks
  • About Insurance Approved BS8621 Locks For UPVC Doors
  • The Best High Security Locks for Wooden Doors

You can also upgrade door security with security grilles and gates. IKS are security grilles installation specialists in North London and can provide a no obligation estimate for bespoke security grilles and gates.

EXTERIOR: Put your exterior lights on a sensor 

Met Police Security Advice Point 4 ‘E’

As with putting lights on a timer this is a good preventative measure to ensure that those approaching your property cannot go unseen. It is a good deterrent and goes someway to show that you take your security seriously, which is really important.

In addition to this, we advise that homeowners seek professional advice on upgrading garden security. Read our posts on The Best Lock for a Garden Gate and Outbuilding Security including Sheds and Garden Rooms.

NEIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for neighbours

Met Police Security Advice Point 5 ‘N’

The latest addition to the Met Police advice stresses how important it is to be vigilant and to look out for your neighbours. Don’t hesitate to contact your Barnet Community Police Team if you see anything suspicious.

You can report a crime to Barnet local community police officers

  1. Telephone 101 for non-emergencies where police attendance is required, to report a crime or to report any other incidents
  2. On the Met Police website
  3. On the Met Police Twitter page

You may also wish to consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch.

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Security Prevention is Better Than Cure

As with all types of crime, prevention is much better than cure. Opportunity plays a big role in enabling crimes to be committed, particularly burglaries. Most domestic burglaries are committed by opportunists. Criminals will look for homes that: 

Met Police Security Advice on The Importance of Preventative Measures

We couldn’t agree more with this. We tend to see that those who become victims of burglary in Barnet have not put appropriate security measures in place or have not properly secured doors or windows. The importance of prioritising security cannot be stressed enough.

Factors Which Met Police Say Will Make Your Property a Target for Burglary

Seem unoccupied 

Have little or no apparent security 

Have doors or windows left open, or 

Where they think they won’t be seen. 

A home’s overall impression will influence whether a burglar targets it. As a general rule, if it looks like there is someone inside, the burglar is likely to go elsewhere.

Met Police Security Warning off Red Flags for Burglary

As security specialists in burglary repairs in London we know that sending clear signals that you take your security seriously will ensure that you don’t become a target for burglary. A free security survey with a professionally approved locksmith will provide you with tailored physical security advice for your home. High levels of physical security are the number one way to deter and keep intruders out of your property.

Met Police Recommend Residents Use a Master Locksmith Association (MLA) Approved Locksmith to Fit Locks

Before upgrading your home security think about what part of your home seems more vulnerable, how often you are at home, and when it is empty. Then speak to your local Neighbourhood Officer to get advice bespoke to your needs. Wherever possible, always ensure security products you purchase are Secured by Design or Sold Secure – these are good quality, independently tested products; use a Master Locksmith Association (MLA)-approved locksmith to fit your locks or ask for expert advice about upgrading your home security.

The Met Police Advice to Use a Professional MLA approved Locksmith
MLA Locksmith in barnet

Unfortunately, many unqualified and untrustworthy locksmiths operate in the London area. As ridiculous as it sounds there is no government licensing of locksmiths and sadly this means that several issues can arise from choosing unregulated locksmiths.

Read our post about The Problem with Choosing a Cheap London Locksmith Who Ends Up Charging The Earth! They tend to quote low to secure a job and eventually charge as much as 4 times the going rate for poor work and cheap locks. If you are quoted £49 for a locksmith call out you can be sure it is too good to be true. We are often called to do repairs in the aftermath of this kind of situation.

Visit the Master Locksmiths Association Website for more detail of your local approved locksmith in Barnet. Choosing an MLA Approved Master Locksmith ensures that your locksmith is qualified and trustworthy. Master Locksmiths Association members are fully qualified, vetted and DBS checked.

Who is My Local Community Police Officer in Barnet?

Details of your local community police officer in Barnet, policing priorities and crime statistics can be found here when you search for High Barnet on the Metropolitan Police website.

barnet police station

Free Professional Security Advice from MLA Locksmiths in Barnet

Contact IKS Locksmiths for free professional security advice and help to effectively secure the home in Barnet or the surrounding area. We cover Barnet, London and Hertforshire. We are your local Barnet 24/7 local emergency locksmith approved by the Master Locksmiths Association.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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