Child Security Tips for Children and Parents

Are you are a parent of young children, concerned about whether you have childproof doors and windows? Our experienced home security locksmiths can advise you on home security for children.

Child Door Safety

As physical property security specialists, we carry out a free security survey and make recommendations. When doing this it is important for us to know who lives at the property so the security can be planned to suit the individuals. This is particularly important when it comes to keeping young children safe.

child front door locks safety

Childproof Front Door

Security needs to be adapted to keep children safe from intruders and from themselves! Consider whether you have a childproof front door. Can your children easily open your front door either with or without the use of a chair? Some children can be more adventurous and daring than others. A specialist will be able to advise you on the best door locks for child safety.

It is important to know a reliable locksmith, who will respond quickly, should you find yourself locked out of your house with a child inside. This is something that we have known to happen on a number of occassions!

Child Locked in a Bathroom

Consider locks on internal doors. It is not uncommon for us to attend locksmith emergencies where a child is locked in a bathroom. Ensure the lock is easy to operate or that your child can’t lock it. Choose a lock that can be opened from the outside in an emergency. Consider the height at which the lock is installed.

bathroom lock
Bathroom lock that can be opened from the outside in an emergency

Talk to your children about how to stay safe and avoid being locked in a room. Be prepared with an emergency locksmith phone number in case you need help urgently.

Child Safety Locks for Windows

In any home it is important to have key operated locks for windows. When there are children living in the property consider window restrictors to prevent children from climbing out of windows. Child safety locks for velux windows which are at a low level are a must. Bespoke security grilles are another option. The image below shows Georgian style made to measure security grilles in a nursery.

security grilles security for children

Our experienced lock specialists will be able to survey your doors and windows and put your mind at rest.

How Can You Encourage Children to Be Aware of Personal Safety?

There are basic home security tips that all children should learn as soon as they are able to. The earlier the better! As adults, it is our responsibility to teach them basic security musts in a way that will keep them safe but without worrying them unnecessarily.

Teaching home security to children is a challenging subject. We have put together our quick guide to teaching young children about security without scaring them!

Start by explaining to them that following these home security tips will help them to stay safe and secure. Then introduce them to Security Sue and the Children’s Home Safety Poem.

Security Sues Children’s Home Safety Rhyme

Child Safety Rhyme
Illustration by Violina
Security Sue feels safe at home
Because she knows the home safety poem

Ask where your parents keep the safety kit?
It should have a torch and first aid things in it

Agree with your parents a secret password
That way you know you can always be heard

Don't open the door if your parents aren't home
Never tell strangers that you are in the house alone

Keep the door locked if you stay in or go out
If you see signs of a break-in remember don’t shout

Look for a safe place where you can hide
Ring 999 and wait for police to arrive

Keep to these rules and all will be well
Share them with parents and friends as well

If you’re ever not sure what you need to do
Remember this rhyme to feel safe like Sue.

Why not use this fun way to teach your children about home security and before you know it your children will be reminding you of the security musts!

Home Security for Parents

These are my top 5 tips for parents teaching home safety to kids with a focus on security.

  1. Familiarise them with the Security Sue poem
  2. Agree a codeword with them and explain how they would use it.
  3. Show them where the emergency kit is kept.
  4. Write down phone numbers in a place they can find them and help them practice calling them.
  5. Agree a plan with a neighbour who they can call on in an emergency and tell the children.

We recommend reading this post for some vital burglary prevention tips.

We hope you have found our home security tips for children useful. If you want to know about the best child safety locks for your home contact us to arrange a free security survey.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.


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  1. Children security’s always important. Any how we need keep them safe and sound. very well written and I have learnt few things from your article. Thanks for being such a helpful.

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