Teach Your Children the Security Tips They Need to Know

security tips for kids - security Sue

Introducing Security Sue!

There are basic home security tips that all children should learn as soon as they are able to understand. The earlier the better! As adults it is our responsibility to teach them these basic security musts in a way that will keep them safe but without worrying them unnecessarily.

Teaching home security to children is challenging subject to broach and this is why we have put together our quick guide to teaching you kids about security without freaking them out!

This particular post contains basic tips that children of all ages should be aware of but it is aimed at younger children.

NB: Older children and teenagers need more detailed guidance on subjects such as going out on their own and social media which I will cover in a separate post specifically for older children.

My Guide to Home Security for Children

It is important to communicate security information to children in a way that will stick in their minds without scaring them. My son loves his lift the flap book from Ikea which is aimed at teaching home safety to kids. It is very detailed but he has memorised all the dangers in the home and really enjoys it. A story or a poem is great for sticking in the minds of all ages. There are lots of books available about teaching home safety but not really with a focus on security. It also allows the child to visualise themselves carry out the home security steps. This way they will feel confident to put the tips into practice should the occasion arise. At the same time it adds an element of fun to the learning experience.

Firstly explain to them that following these home security tips will help them to keep safe and secure. Then introduce them to Security Sue and the Keep Safe Security Poem.

The Security Sue Keep Safe Poem

home first aid kit

Security Sue will always feel safe at home

Because she follows the keep safe security poem

You must know where your parents keep the safety kit

It should have a torch and first aid stuff in it

dont open the door to strangers

You and your parents should have a safety keyword

That way you will know you will always be heard

Never open the door if your parents are not home

Don’t tell strangers that you are in the house alone

Keep the door locked if you stay in or go out,

If you see signs of a break-in remember don’t shout

security tips for kids - security Sue

Look for a safe place where you can hide

Ring 999 and wait for the police to arrive

Keep to these rules and all will be well

Share them with parents and any friends you can tell

If you’re ever not sure what you need to do

Remember this poem and feel safe like Security Sue.

Use this fun way to teach your children about home security and before you know it your children will be reminding you of the security musts!
Illustrations by Violina (Visit her Facebook Page)

Children’s House Security from a Parents Perspective

These are my top 5 tips for parents teaching home safety to kids with a focus on security.

  1. Familiarise them with the Security Sue poem
  2. Agree a codeword with them and explain how they would use it.
  3. Show them where the emergency kit is kept.
  4. Write down phone numbers in a place they can find them and help them practice calling them.
  5. Agree a plan with a neighbour who they can call on in an emergency and tell the children.

We recommend reading the post for some usual burglary prevention tips for grownups.

I hope you have found our home security tips for children useful. I would love to know your children’s reactions to Security Sue. Should you have any questions I would be delighted to hear from you.


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  1. Children security’s always important. Any how we need keep them safe and sound. very well written and I have learnt few things from your article. Thanks for being such a helpful.

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