Why are Banham Locks So Expensive?

Banham security locks prices are high and as MLA approved locksmiths, we are often asked why Banham locks are so expensive and if Banham locks are worth it? There are a number of reasons why Banham locks are in high demand and have a reputation as being amongst the best locks on the Market., particularly in London.

Why are Banham Locks So Good?

Banham lock costs are high whether you go direct or choose an approved independent Banham locksmith in London and there are a number of reasons why.

Distinctive Banham Lock Design

The iconic traditional Banham design is distinctive and popular in areas like Kensington and Knightbridge and has become known as the designer lock brand of choice in many London areas.

Banham High Security Locks are Reliable

Banham developed the original high security lock and their trusted designs are known to be secure and reliable. Other lock companies have followed in their footsteps and developed modern versions of a Banham deadlock to compete with the original Banham design.

Banham locks

Banham Patent Locks & High Security Keys

A significant advantage of choosing a Banham Lock is that having a registered key means that only the registered key holder or those who are authorised by the key holder can obtain a copy of the key. You can read about the advantages of high security keys here. There are now also other reliable high security locks of this nature on the market such as Mul-t-Lock. There are even Mul-T-Lock high security locks which are compatible to be keyed alike with Banham locks. Read our review of Mul-t-Lock high security keys here.

Banham Locks are Secured by Design

Banham locks are secured by design and the company is affiliated with Master Locksmiths Association. This provides customer confidence in the quality and performance of the product. When calling IKS Locksmiths you can ask for an MLA approved locksmith to attend and all of our high security locks are Secured by Design.

Read our post Are Banham Security Locks Secure? to find out more about whether Banham locks are worth it.

Banham Lock Replacement Cost

Banham locks prices range from £100 upwards depending on the type of Banham lock you need. A fitting charge and vat will be additional to the cost of the lock. Contact our locksmiths to find out more about the IKS Banham locks price list and alternatives and see our Guide to Door Lock Types and Prices for lock cost comparisons.

Banham Kensington

Banham Locks at Discounted Prices

Some clients want to buy Banham locks at discounted prices. There is no such thing as cheap Banham Locks. Banham retailers need to sell Banham locks at recommended retail prices. However, installation costs can vary. Always choose 24 hour locks and security services locksmiths with good credentials for fitting locks. Search for your local independent MLA approved locksmith for more competitive prices Banham lock installation costs.

Because Banham locks cost more than other high security locks there are customers who look for high quality alternatives to Banham and there are some excellent options on the market.

Cheaper Alternatives to Banham Locks

Our security experts will recommend the most secure locks for your property. As independent security specialists we are not restricted to using a particular brand and can present you with a range of high quality lock options. This includes Banham locks where appropriate as well as other high quality alternatives to Banham locks with a range of price points for customers who want to know about different options to paying a premium Banham lock price.

keyed alike locks

Choosing The Most Secure Lock For Your Property

A Banham emergency locksmith will deal with Banham locks only. Whereas an independent lock specialist can explain the pros and cons of a range of suitable locks, allowing you to make a fully informed choice. At IKS we are not brand biased but instead our experts always recommend the best value option and explain the reasons why. Read our post on Choosing the Best Locks here.

MLA Approved Banham Locksmiths London

If you are interested in Banham security locks or alternatives in London or Hertfordshire our experienced lock specialists can provide you with the advice you need to choose the best locks for your door. Contact us for professional advice.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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