How to Maximise Home Security after a Burglary


If you have been burgled there are certain steps that you should take to ensure that you don’t have further issues with intruders. If you have just been burgled you may want to read our burglary checklist which tells you what to do after a burglary.

Emergency Burglary Repairs

It is really important to secure your property immediately after burglary. If it is late at night temporary repairs may be necessary until a permanent fix can be arranged.

Call a reliable emergency locksmith to arrange burglary repairs as a priority. Always seek the advice of a qualified CRB/DBS checked locksmith. In North London there are numerous locksmiths without the relevant checks or qualifications. When it comes to emergency burglary repairs it is really important to choose a genuine locksmith. This is our guide to choosing a locksmith.

Be aware that there is a possibility of the intruders returning to the scene. Unfortunately this is something that is known to happen.

Lock Change

Post burglary is most definitely one of those situations when you need a lock change. It is a must if your keys have been stolen or you have been broken into. Read about situations when you need your locks changed here.

Home Security Survey by a Qualified Locksmith

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A home security specialist locksmith qualified through the Master Locksmiths Association should offer a comprehensive home security survey free of charge. A genuine specialist will advise you on the best ways to maximise the security of your individual property and assist you to find suitable solutions that are within your budget.

Ways to Improve Home Security

After a burglary security and achieving the most secure home on the street can become the homeowners’ priority. If you are in that situation and want your house to be a secure as it possibly can there are various products which can help you to achieve the best home security.

High Security Door Locks

high security door locks

Upgrading your locks to high quality high security locks can add an extra level of security making it much harder for intruders to access your property. Read about high security locks here.

Window Locks

Assessing and upgrading window security locks can be cost effective and very affective. Many burglaries are through open or closed windows. Read about window security here.

Door Reinforcement

There are numerous ways to reinforce doors. Weak doors can be made much more secure with the use of;

  • Hinge bolts – strengthen hinges
  • Birmingham bars – reinforce the hinge side
  • London bars – reinforce the lock side
  • Lock guards – reinforce the actual door

High Security Door and Window Grilles

security grilles

High quality security grilles on doors and windows can offer incredibly high security to a property. They can be fixed or retractable and designed to suit the property. We are specialists in security grilles and roller shutter installation in London.

Alarms and CCTV

Excellent physical security is priority and will physically keep burglars out of your property. An alarm is a good to have in addition to excellent physical security. It can offer home owners extra peace of mind.

For more burglary security tips read or Ultimate Guide to Burglary Prevention. This article in the Telegraph about how to protect your home from burglary  promotes smart thinking and good habits.

At IKS Locksmiths we are MLA approved specialists in dealing with maximising home security after a burglary. Whether it is after burglary security or you are simply keen to ensure you don’t become a victim we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with the optimum security solutions for your property.

For a free quote or security survey call our Master Locksmith direct on;

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