School Security and Safety: A “Need to Know” Guide

security in school

The importance of security in schools is paramount. It seems obvious that strict security and safety measures in school are a must!

The Importance of Security in Schools

Schools usually have strict procedures in place to ensure the security and safety of their pupils against intruders. Security against intruders in a school is really no different than in any other commercial environment. What we would really like to highlight is the importance of security and protection against pupils within the school. This is particularly important for younger children and there are a number of risks that need to be addressed.

Safety in Schools

For example internal school doors should ideally have finger protectors to protect children from catching their fingers on the hinges. Certain school door locks within the premises may require additional security to protect younger children. The Reception area of my sons’ school has a magnetic lock with a press to exit button in a high position which is ideal for keeping very young children safe and within a particular area.

MLA Approved Locksmiths for School Security

At IKS Locksmiths we are Master Locksmith Association approved security specialists. We are experienced in fitting high security locks for schools and provide a range of high security solutions for education settings. A school locksmith has a duty of care to the school to provide a learning environment which is safe and secure. School safety requires a different approach than other situations. Each school must be assessed on an individual basis. Whether it is state or public school safety, nursery, primary or secondary school safety each situation requires a bespoke approach to security depending on a range of varying factors.

High Security for Schools

With any school lock it is important that the lock is high security and that the keys are high security. Read here to find out more about high security locks  and high security keys.

Schools Security Services

  • A range of high quality door and window locks
  • Emergency door locks for schools
  • Panic bars or panic pads for emergency exits
  • Master locks / Master Key Systems
  • Finger Protectors for school doors – to avoid injury and nasty finger caught in door hinge accidents!
  • Locker locks – if locker keys are lost there should be a master key held by a member of staff which can open any locker.

Master Key System Installation in Schools

At IKS we are experts in master key suite installation in schools. Master key systems installed in schools around London are increasingly popular as they significantly improve security and make life easier for school staff.

The locking system allows the head of the school to hold a key for all doors and other member of staff to have more restricted access to varying levels of the master key system depending on the client’s requirements.

School Security Levels

If you are concerned about the levels of safety at school speak to the school and ask them about their security procedures. If the school is regularly assessed by an MLA (Master Locksmith Association) Approved Locksmith this should put your mind at rest. A regular security assessment is something that shouldn’t involve a cost to the school as it is free with most reliable locksmiths. Read here about how to avoid London’s many rogue Locksmiths and the importance of choosing an MLA approved locksmith.

Security for Children

On another note, do your children know the essential home security basics? If not read our essential security tips for children here. These security basics are a must for children of all ages.

School Security Specialists in London

IKS Locksmiths are North London Emergency Locksmiths approved by the MLA and dealing with security in schools. We provide a comprehensive and highly competitive commercial locksmith service in London and deal with schools mainly in the North London Area.

Whether you require school locks for lockers, high security locks or a full free security survey and security recommendations for your property we would be delighted to hear from you.

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For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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