Sizzling Summer Security Tips

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We have had some really lovely weather in North London over the past few weeks, I have been enjoying soaking up the sun! It really lifts the mood and opens up a world of BBQs and beach trips. There is so much more you can do when the weather is good. But let’s face it London weather can be pretty unpredictable! That’s the nature of our UK climate. Unfortunately for us this element of unpredictability is something that professional burglars thrive on. It is all about looking for an opportunity to catch us off guard. When it’s hot burglars are thinking about opportunities to make the most of the changes in habits that may allow them to catch us off guard.

It only becomes an issue if you are not aware of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them. This is a gentle reminder to maintain high levels of safe home security by following some basic simple home security tips to avoid any unfortunate scenarios.

Top Summer Security Tips

When the sun shines we have a tendency to;

Open windows

Window Security Locks

Window locks that restrict the amount the window can open and door and window security grilles can act as a deterrent and prevent access through open windows, allowing air to come in but not intruders. Metal bars for windows provide high security and can be made to measure in a range of attractive designs.

Spend a lot of time out of the house

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Image by Michael Coghlan via Flickr

Empty homes need to be well secured and it helps to give the impression that you are home even when you aren’t. If you are going on holiday this becomes even more important, read here about The Best Ways to Protect your Home When on Holiday.

Organise BBQs

summer barbaque outdoors
Image courtesy of  Alex Miranda

When distracted with visitors coming and going doors can be left open, it is important to be mindful to keep doors closed and secured at all times.

Use patio or back doors more

patio door open - security

There is more chance of leaving them open or unlocked, ensure that back doors are checked religiously at night time. Also make sure you patio door locks are up to scratch! You can read here about how to secure a patio door.

Use back gates more often

Garden security should not be forgotten, make sure you have a good lock on your garden gate and always remember to lock it at all times!

You can read our ultimate burglary prevention guide here. Also here are some clever ways to keep burglars away from your home.

Moneysupermarket suggest here the importance of keeping your home contents policy up to date. Just make sure that the locks and any security measures you have in place meet the requirements of you insurance policy. You can read more about insurance approved locks here. Or watch my video guide to insurance approved locks here.  If you are unsure just give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

At IKS locksmiths we are MLA Approved specialists in residential security. If you have any concerns about outdoor security or the security of your property in any respect.

Main image courtesy of Alex Lecea

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