What is the Best Safe for Home Security?

When choosing the best safe to buy for your home it very much depends on what you want to secure and the value of the contents. In addition to that, you also need to consider other variables such as location, circumstances and client preferences. The best safe for an individual homeowner can vary widely depending on the customers requirements.

Professional Advice on The Best Safes for Homes

Buying a home safe is an investment and seeking advice from a security safe specialist is vital when it comes to choosing the ideal safe. A personal touch and bespoke service will ensure that your safe installation project goes as smoothly as possible.

A Bespoke Safe Selection Service

There is significant added value in using a security specialist who will provide a property survey, advice and installation to suit the customer rather than the customer having to accept compromises. If you want the best safe for your home in the UK at a competitive price we can help you to achieve that. Nothing can stand up to professional personalised guidance in choosing the perfect safe for your home.

As a safe specialist providing an individually tailored safe installation service, there are 4 main types of safes we are generally asked about by homeowners. Within these safe categories, there are a range of options to suit an individual’s needs. It is at this point that we ask a range of questions to establish exactly what the ideal safe for that particular customer is.

The Best Home Safe Categories

The best home safe for your property will depend on exactly what you are looking for. From the most secure safe in the UK to the best small fireproof safe for insurance or even a bespoke design safe to compliment your interior, professional advice is key.

The 4 Most Popular Best Home Safe Categories

When customers say they want the best safe and we enquire further as to their specific needs, there are 4 main safe categories that come up:

  1. The Highest Security Home Safes
  2. The Very Best Luxury Safe
  3. The Best Fireproof Safe
  4. The Most Secure Small safe

1) The Highest Security Home Safe

When we have inquiries for the most secure safe they can range from customers looking for the most secure home safe in the world to customers looking for a small safe that meets their insurance requirements.

Insurance Approved Safes

For customers looking for an insurance approved safe to cover a specific value in terms of cash or valuables, we have a selection of graded safes to meet a range of needs and budgets. Find out more about our range of graded insurance approved safes here.

home safe for home security

The Highest Grade Safe

For high net worth clients who are looking for the very top end, most secure safe you can buy in terms of grade, security and size we recommend a grade 7 safe which provides the highest level of security and level of cover (£250K Cash Rating & £2.5 Million Valuables Rating). Read more about graded safes and ratings here. High grade safes can also be bespoke designed.

We present the client with a range of options and some cutomers opt for a high grade safe or a combination of a number of high grade safes. We can cater to all your security safe requirements from compact home safes all the way up to large high security safes and even panic rooms for the ultimate high security solution.

2) The Best Luxury Safe

Our range of design safes tailored to meet your bespoke requirements are the best luxury safes in the UK. We cater to a range of needs within our bespoke luxury safe range:

luxury safe bespoke to your home and needs

Your project manager will guide you through the design process to ensure that your perfect safe becomes a reality.

3) The Best Fireproof Safe for Homes

We are often asked what is the best fireproof safe for home use in the UK. In the fireproof safe category, there are varying levels of fire protection from 30 to 60 minutes. In addition to this, the general security level and size need to suit the user and intended installation location. So finding out exactly what you need the safe for and where you plan to install it is vital in choosing the best fireproof safe for your needs.

fire proof document safe

You can read more about our fireproof safes range here. We also design and install bespoke fireproof safes.

4) The Most Secure Small Safe

Clients interested in the small safe category tend to be looking for the best home safe for documents, a home jewellery safe or a cash safe or a combination of valuable items. Depending on what an individual wants to secure we will tailor the advice to your particular needs

small safe for a home in UK

Which is The Best Safe for Your Individual Needs?

So which best safe category is the one you are most interested in? The differences in performance and price of the different ranges of safes suitable for varying needs are broad.

Choosing the Best Safe

With professional advice and good communication, we can help you to choose the best home safe at the best price to ensure you make a sound investment whatever your individual security needs are.

The Best Home Safe Installation

In addition to advice on the best safe type and model, we will ensure that you benefit from the highest levels of professional safe installation and advice on the best place to install a safe in your home. Providing ideal levels of safe security, convenience and aesthetics is our goal as home safe specialists.

If you are looking for a security safe in London or anywhere in the UK contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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