Security for People Living Alone – Top 5 Safety Tips

As approved London Locksmiths we are often asked about security for people living alone. When living alone safety and having a sense of security can become a higher priority. We are most commonly asked about:

  • Security for elderly living alone. (Read our post on Safety Tips for Living Alone – Essential Home Security for Seniors.)
  • Safety tips for women living alone
  • The best security measures when living alone for the 1st time

When living alone, security can seem even more important because individuals can feel very vulnerable. Sadly, some people are so scared of intruders that they develop a condition called scelerophobia (this is a worst case scenario but is not uncommon!).

As experienced locksmiths, we can provide homeowners with the most effective physical security measures and knowledge to allow people living alone to feel a real sense of security and safety. There is nothing worse than feeling unsafe. The best security for women living alone, elderly living alone and any vulnerable individuals needs to be well planned and implemented to suit the particular circumstances.

1) Upgrading Your Physical Security is Top Priority

Physical property security will physically keep intruders out of your home! So upgrading your security is the obvious starting point for anyone living alone.

Just making your home look like you take your physical security seriously is the best deterrent. Therefore, intruders will be unlikely to even try to break into your home if they can see that you have the best security measures in place. Burglars generally target homes with poor locks which are easy to access. They will steer clear of high security locks which make their job much harder!

Ways to Upgrade Your Physical Security to Prevent Burglary

There are a range of effective security solutions for doors and windows that can improve home safety when living alone. It is always advisable to seek professional advice, from a local approved locksmith, on the ideal security for your particular property.

a) Doors Locks

High security locks installation can provide:

  • Superior physical security
  • An excellent deterrent
  • Instant peace of mind.
High security keys: upgrade home security
Mul-T-Lock High Security Locks and Keys

b) Door Reinforcement Products

Strengthening your door security can prevent the door from being forced open. There are several options to consider:

  • Lock guard to protect the lock bolts from attack
  • Birmingham bar or London bar to strengthen the door from
  • Hinge bolts to prevent the door being lifted off the hinges

c) Window Locks

Window safety locks are as important as door locks and it is really important to have windows locked or to have window restrictors to keep windows secure in the open position. Read our recent post for advice on the best window security.

sash window lock to enhance home security when living alone

d) Security Grilles for Doors and Windows

Security grilles for windows and doors are an extremely high security solution when living alone. Security bars and gates can be bespoke and designed to suit the individual property and the homeowners needs.

Consider installing folding or retractable security grilles that can be locked when closed or neatly stacked to the sides when open, or fixed security grilles installation to complement the style of the windows. They are available in different styles and colours and you can make them a feature or design them to look almost invisible.

security grilles installation for enhanced home security
Bespoke Design Window Security

e) Don’t Forget Garden Security

Don’t overlook garden security. Side gates and garages must be secure with the right locks. You can read about the best lock for a garden gate here.

gate lock to improve garden security

2) Choose a Reliable Locksmith For Upgrading Security

Whether you are living alone or not, it is important to choose the best security products for your particular property as well as professional installation to ensure the highest security and that insurance standards are met. Choose a reliable Locksmith approved by the Master Locksmiths Association. Unfortunately, many rogue locksmiths are operating in London and the UK in general. Read here about choosing a trustworthy locksmith.

MLA approved Locksmith

3) Form Smart Security Habits

Changing Your Locks

Ensure that you know exactly who has keys to your home. Estate agents, builders, previous owners???

Changing your locks when you move in and upgrading to high security keys means that others can’t make a copy of the keys without having access to a code.

Equally, if you lose your keys change the locks. Read about 5 situations you need to change locks here.

Keep Spare Keys Secure

Remember to never hide a key outside!

Be Discreet

Take care of your daily habits. Don’t announce to strangers that you live alone and don’t mention it on social media.


Lighting the exterior of your home and keeping the garden tidy ensures that there are no handy hiding places for intruders.

4) Consider Property Surveillance Options

There are always new safety products for living alone appearing on the market. Cameras and alarms can’t keep intruders out of the home however they can provide people living alone with great peace of mind. Read more about choosing the best alarm for security here. You may also want to consider investing in a Ring doorbell or similar model. Family members can even access cameras on the app to improve security for the elderly living alone.

Video Door Entry System when living alone
Video Surveillance for Living Alone

5) Create a Support Network

Connections with neighbours you can call on in an emergency are valuable when living alone. You may even choose to leave a key with a trusted neighbour.

Joining your local Neighbourhood Watch is also worthwhile.

IKS Locksmiths: Expert Security Tips for Living Alone

Whether you need advice on safety tips for living alone in an apartment, safety tips for elderly living alone or a full security assessment and guidance, our experienced burglary prevention experts can help. We are a local locksmith business in Barnet covering London and Hertfordshire. IKS Locksmiths are experienced, fully qualified and DBS checked.

If you are looking for improved safety in the home because you are living alone we can help you to optimise your home security. Contact us for free security advice, we can help you to make a plan to secure your home to meet your individual needs and budget.

How can we help you?

For professional security advice and information call to speak directly to Martin, our Master Locksmith and security specialist.

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