Recent Burglary Changes in Barnet (North London) & How to Improve Your Security

These are uncertain times for all of us! As a local emergency locksmith in Barnet I have noticed that changes in new every day habits are causing significant differences in what people need in relation to security. As Barnet based locksmiths we have noticed that most of our calls are coming from local residents and businesses in need of an emergency locksmith.

Barnet Locksmith Calls We are Getting

The most common calls I’m getting as a locksmith in Barnet are;

  • UPVC mechanism jams in doors due to fluctuating temperatures
  • People locked out of their houses and even people locked in because of changing routines
  • Occasional lock changes
  • Keys not working – usually due to poor quality key cutting which can be avoided by using an original key
  • Lock repairs
  • Problems with home and commercial door entry systems
  • Commercial burglary repairs
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We are experienced in dealing with North London burglary repairs and have noticed that residential burglary in Barnet and North London in general seems to decreasing despite reports of scammers forcing their way into properties in recent weeks. Incidences of commercial burglary on the other hand seem to be increasingly common. You can read about business burglary in London here where Barnet ranked 4th in the top 10 business burglary hot spots in the last few years.

Barnet Burglary Statistics

Burglary statistics for 2020 were not available at the time of writing. Interestingly the police website is not showing information on recent burglary rates, this is due to COVID-19 and focusing efforts on other areas.

It will be interesting to see how the figures are affected by COVID-19. I expect to see a rise in commercial burglary with businesses left empty and a decrease in residential burglary. You can read about the top 10 business burglary hot spots in London here. Barnet has ranked 4th highest for commercial burglary in the last few years.

business burglary

You can see recent crime rates for the Borough of Barnet as well as High Barnet Crime Stats and New Barnet Crime Stats for 2020 on the UK Crime Stats Website.

The government website is showing Barnet burglary figures for the year ending June 2019. It says that the burglary rate for Barnet was  9.44 per 1000 residents. With Barnet ranking the 12th highest burglary rate of all the London boroughs. The burglary rate in Barnet is slightly higher than the average London burglary rate which is 9.14 per 1,000.

london burglary rates
Image Courtesy of Barnet.Gov

This article showing the top 20 most burgled postcodes in 2019 features Golders Green and Winchmore Hill in the top 20. Another post ranks London number 1 in a list of UK areas most likely to be burgled and claims that you are 3 times more likely to be burgled in London than in any other area in the UK.

Different areas in London require varying levels of security which is something that we discuss in this post about what makes your home a target for burglary. It is very much about who has the least secure property in a particular area. It is one case where is pays to keep up with the neighbours.

Ways to Improve Your Property Security 

There are a number of measures that can be used to upgrade your home security to prevent burglary. There are quite a few means of physical security which can help increase security levels that people are not always aware of. For example door reinforcement can make weak doors more secure.

There are many people who are unaware of the importance of having high quality locks for security and insurance purposes. A common problem is poor quality locks installed by builders who are not experienced locksmiths. Always have your locks checked by a qualified locksmith to make sure that the locks and the standards of fitting are in line with insurance requirements.

yale lock installation

If you have recently moved into a new build property this is something to address as a priority. Also consider how many people could potentially hold a set of keys! We provide a professional lock change service in London and notice that many people aren’t aware of when locks should be changed for security. Read here about when you need to change your locks.

Home Security Upgrades

In addition to emergency repairs we can upgrade your security with various high security products. Many people are unaware of these additional security measures. Many of them are low cost high security solutions, for example door reinforcement.

1) Door reinforcement

Reinforcing your door with security accessories can add an extra level of security to prevent forced entry. This is particularly important when a door is weak. There are a number of options for reinforcing doors.

  • Birmingham bars – reinforce the hinge side of the door
  • London bars – reinforce the lock side of the door
  • Lock guards – reinforce the door itself
  • Hinge bolts – strengthen the hinges on a door
door lock installed by a locksmith

2) Door Lock, Window Lock and Key Upgrades

It is important to have high quality locks and at IKS we only use high quality insurance approved locks. We have a range of locks to suit your needs and budget.

  • High security door and window locks – these are challenging for burglars and they are likely to avoid them in favour of a standard or substandard lock.
  • High security keys – these can’t be duplicated by just anyone.
mul-t-lock high security locks

3) High Security Grilles and Roller Shutters

High security grilles can offer fantastic levels of safety and security to your home or business. As grilles and roller shutters specialists in Barnet we have a wide range of bespoke security options. There are various types of grilles and shutters to suit your needs.

  • Fixed
  • Collapsible / retractable
  • Decorative
  • Colour options

Security grilles can be a great investment in the right situation. They can actually add to the appeal of a property if they are done well. Invisible burglar bars are even a possible when aligned with the lines of the windows.

retractable security grilles

IKS Locksmiths are security grilles installation specialists in Barnet. Click here for our grilles gallery.

4) Security Safes

Installing a security safe can be a real asset to a property when there are valuables or important documents to protect.  We have an extensive range of safes to suit a wide range of needs and budgets, from business safes to home safes with fireproof protection.

safe installation north london

Choosing the best safe for your needs and the best in professional safe installation can be an excellent long term investment. We are business and home safes installation specialists.

5) Security Alarm System

An alarm adds an extra element of security but when it comes down to it physical security measures not only deter intruders but physically keep them out of your property. I would advise that physical security is top priority and an alarm is good to have in addition.

burglar alarm

Read our top tips on buying a burglar alarm here.

Emergency Burglary Repairs in Barnet

You may want to read about the trouble with choosing a Cheap locksmith in Barnet.  £49 or £59 is not a realistic price to pay. You can read about realistic locksmith costs here and how to avoid getting ripped off by a Barnet locksmith.

Cheap Locksmith London
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If you have been burgled we provide a full emergency burglary repair service;

  • Emergency door and window repairs
  • Lock repairs and replacements (as well as upgrades to your locks)

Good security is about choosing the right business or home security solutions for your individual situation and budget. A good locksmith will look for ways to save you money whilst providing excellent security.

Always choose a locksmith that ticks all the boxes!

trusted locksmith

We are one of only 2 MLA approved High Barnet locksmiths on call for emergency burglary repairs 24/7.  We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with emergency burglary repairs at competitive prices or a property security assessment free of charge.

Joining the local neighbourhood watch organisation OWL is a great way to keep up to speed with what is happening in your area. Simply register on the website and you will receive email alerts about significant events relating to security in the area.

Remember prevention is always better than cure! You can read our Ultimate Guide to Burglary Prevention here. If are in North London and would like to know how you can improve your home or business security contact us for a free security evaluation.

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